Venus as a Boy

The fashion industry is finally starting to pay more attention to menswear and that is very good news for Superficial. What’s more is that society is allowing boys and men to embrace the attention. We are finally nearing an end of hyper-masculinity. Huzzah!


Nice resting pose you won’t find in a formal life drawing class.
Lovely, approachable, casual style.


So THIS is the body type those thin fabric shirts are for. Looks great!
Beautiful. nose with the perfect style of glasses perched on it.
Sweet-faced boy.


IMG_5868 2
I love the rings! He smiled back as I gazed awe of him 🙂


Thick, coarse, shiny, black hair is back! No more stuffing it under baseball caps!


Even young Black men, who are the epitome of hyper-masculinity, are embracing androgyny. How wonderful!


He didn’t like me drawing him and moved. I stared too long. I’m sorry love. I was captivated. If it makes you feel any better, I creeped girls out as a teenager when I was transitioning from drawing animals to people. Girls used to dominate my repertoire. I know studying is invasive, but I wouldn’t be the accomplished artist I am today if I wasn’t bold enough to make people uncomfortable until they realizes that I am an aesthete.


Grunge, but nice. I don’t mind grunge, I just didn’t appreciate its dominance.


The boy who started it all! I was looking for character design reference for work and this beauty came into view. The Pixies were playing along with Weezer that night, so I think he was dressed up for the concert. I love his Ramones outfit! I’m so happy this style is returning to vogue.

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