Concert Research

Las Vegas is not as magical to live in as the Bay Area, but one thing it does well is concerts. The Strip expanded it’s reach during the Great Recession once it figured out that that people don’t gamble when they’re broke and rich people don’t gamble period. Also, to retain the well-heeled and their valuable skill sets tin the valley, there had to be some other attraction. Really…you don’t want to live to hard luck gambler culture…


So far, I’ve seen Psychedelic Furs with the Church, the Cure, Flock of Seagulls in a ensemble concert with other bands like Human League, and Madonna in 2015, Adamant in 2016 and the Pixies, Paul McCartney, Janet Jackson and Diana Ross in this year. They were all great concerts for KlashkaTse especially Janet Jackson who I attribute to Tabby. Tabby evolves into Lady Miss Kier, but Janet is ideal for the set up. Siouxsie and the Banshees would be such a dream to see for Klashka Tse’s performance styles. Pat Benatar, who I assigned to Klashka’s vocal talent came to town, but I couldn’t see her. One must be a big girl and pay her bills. I missed Johnny Marr this way as well. Luckily, I am not one-dimensional on the character’s influences, so if Emily Autumn tours, I’ll be sure to catch her.


Tse stage presence stems from influential cartoons rather than any human performer. Believe me, I’ve looked: Kate Bush has her art school style, but Tse used magic as well to enhance her glamour. Therefore, Mok and the Magic Man from the film Rock n’ Rule is the main influence, while glam rock performers like David Bowie and Bjork are the basis for her character design and costumes. I also would be remiss if I didn’t include Wendy Pini’s master antagonist Winnowill as a major influence. Tse is so close to Pini’s design that I have to make sure to amp Tse features as square not triangular. Tse’s a good guy—just spooky lookin’—square the face, wave the eyebrows like Bjork’s and Lexor from Visionaries and hope I don’t insult my distant mentor with the linear body and long black hair that resembles an animal. Winnowill’s a snake, Tse is a spider…a friendly singing spider with a magic duotone voice similar to Bjork and Annie Lennox.


Jen is a bassist…they always look bored or restless like Simon Gallup. No live reference needed. Video concerts will do.

I don’t imagine Kate Bush will ever do Vegas, so Sigrid’s style is on hold. She rarely shows up for gigs anyway, so she won’t be missed. When Siggy does appear it’s usually for use her auxiliary skills which isn’t in all songs of KlashkaTse’s repertoire, so for her it’s best to travel to the Bay Area to see dance performances with ethnic musical arrangements in UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall—a venue I have yet to visit.

See you when I visit Berkeley, CA.

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