Maloni the visiting Malini

HipChick Comics is a series of stories about the mentor mentee relationship between humans and the deities who manage the elements and the Collective Unconscious. Deities in this universe hide in plain sight: they’re the leaders who seem to perform their jobs effortlessly, the teachers who seem to be everywhere at once–especially when they are needed, they are the “people” who are too beautiful to be true.

Superficial. The first 6 books involve the Jasians a family of gods with a human matriarch. They deemed Mikka’s soul was old enough to be extended longevity in its present life. Once the trial of living was satisfied, it’s been decided that Mikka become a goddess, however, goddess of what is yet to be determined, for ascension comes with complications of its own!

Jasian Genetic. (Release date TBD) The last chapter is the most difficult for the gods, because their new favorite harbors so many demons, but they refuse to give up on her because she has so much potential.

Inbetween Days is a Cure song of course, but it also the stories that don’t neatly fit into the main storyline. They are relational conflicts: character studies. I wanted to show a softer side to Nami, since in the main storyline, she usually the Shadow. Nami is not that evil, she just has a dark side that’s more powerful than everyone else’s. She’s creator/destroyer goddess. It’s her job. In Giermo, she aids a suicidal beach comber fighting internal demons. It’s so bad even the demons are sick of his whiny ass.

Inbetween Days: KlashkaTse (Coming in 2020) is my answer to Jem and The Holograms tv series, but from the Misfits’ point of view. Every commercial artist knows the pains of conformity: mass audiences are seriously hard to relate to once a creator earns a bachelors degree. So since the principal band members heads are full of Foucault, they hire a pink-haired-bubble-gum high school singer to bring mass-appeal to their group. Nothing gets on Klashka’s nerves like peppiness…

Superficial is a comic for a niche audience. Mainly for liberal arts students and graduate. Those who enjoyed their women’s studies, philosophy, mythology and love Carl Jung will get a kick out of it. Everyone else…not so much! If you didn’t like Batman vs. Superman, it’s best you read something else. Superficial is not a work intended for mass appeal for I’ve never been good at commercial storytelling .

Enter at your own risk…