BoyGeorgeTse_03KlashkaTse is an art rock band in goth clothing striking out on their own from being valued session artists and composers. The trouble is, they can’t find their audience and their former collaborators, Jelly Guru, is out to make sure they never find it. Will KlashkaTse ever be flexible enough to make the necessary compromises to broaden their appeal? Nami is determined to help them make it so!





The percussionist is often the composer.

Klashka: over-educated, acerbic, brilliant and former hair band video girl. She’d rather you forget that last bit and see past her blonde hair and big boobs for what she really is: a damn talented multi-instrumentalist and composer. If Tabby can survive Klashka’s fury, she just might find that out.

Tse_profileTse: again, over-educated and an artistic snob, yet much nicer than Klashka and not as scary as her outward appearance. Tse is one of the most influential artist in her field, pity the masses aren’t aware of her enough to give her credit for it.

Jen_01Jennisen: stylish, smiling, sexy beastess. Jen and indie actress bassist of KlashkaTse who lends her fame to KlashkaTse. However, no one has managed to pay off their student loans with art house crowds money.




siggyteaball-e1532338542136.pngSigrid: AEIOU and Sigrid is the “sometimes Y”. Siggy is the lazy, flakey, genius who shows up for practice and gigs when she feels like it. Luckily, for KlashkaTse, Sigrid’s random appearances come with goodies. 





Tabby: Hot chicks like Klashka are paired with rock star comebacks to sex them up for younger audiences, Tabby was brought on to cute up KlashkaTse for the 100% disposable income of the teenage target market! Tabby knows she resented, but it determined to prove herself. After all, playing in a rock band is the best after school job ever!

jellyguru_72Jelly Guru is the band KlashkaTse used to compose music and perform as session artists for. They know they are severely compromised by their session artists departure and fear that their audience will learn who is truly behind their style!

Kirei: Front woman and lead vocalist  of Jelly Guru. Glamorous, dazzling, delightful and charismatic, she’ll get around to developing a second talent once she can find enough time away from her mirror.

Midori: Vocals and tamborines. Green with envy, Midori is out to get KlashkaTse. Subterfuge, slander and duplicity are just a handful of her pretty poisons.

Arashi: Guitarist, vocals and pretty cool chick. Arashi is the only member of Jelly Guru who isn’t threatened by KlashkaTse’s defection. She elects to stay with Jelly Gurus because it’s her band and to keep Midori’s malicious exploits in check.