Mikka_ekbergBeautiful, charming, fun loving and mischievous, Mikka is everything every woman wants to be and insecure women envy. Mikka Varkarova Jasai is the mother of Sakura, Nami and Maloni and mortal wife of Shinto Good of Dawn, Hiroku Jasai. Mikka is the kind of girl who found her crush as a girl and did not let him go! In her pursuit of Kaisei, Mikka was granted longevity by Kaisei’s sister, Indira, who knew the spacey god would come around eventually. Mikka did not waste the time; she was born into the Enlightenment and lived as an opera singer, flourished in the informal sector though the romantic period as a Venetian courtesan and reemerged as a painters muse during the Belle Epoque. When the wars came she established Jasian Genetic, a hidden world of ancient ruins the gods gave her where could reign as queen and argument to her liking. One she had her children they turned Jasian Genetic their pocket between worlds, where they create wonderful machines kit-bashed from remnants of ships and other vehicle washed ashore from the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea and other magnetic earthly portals. 


Mikka’s charmed life is not without it’s challenges. The powers she’s been given come at a price in the form of jealous goddesses like Hera who think she has too much. When Hera’s smiling face finally strikes, Mikka takes the blow with grace. However, in her absence, war, the great conflict she was so adept at avoiding strikes her inner sanctum forcing her show a dark side of herself she’d rathe not anyone suffer to see.