Nami is the very proud middle daughter of Mikka and Kaisei Jasai. She’s a popular goddess and an effective career woman who uses her considerable talents for the benefit of her inner circle. What Sakura lacks in social savvy, Nami makes up for in spades. Th only caveat to Nami’s perfect existence is that she is the Yuki Onna, the deadly snow phantom  goddess of winter. Her somnambulant haunts kill anyone she comes in contact with, including those she loves, if they are unlucky enough to be in wrong place at the wrong time.

Nami curbs this uncontrollable appetite by banishing her friends from her company in the winter when her duties as the winter element are active. During this time Nami limits correspondence to business, where if some dishonest partner is falls victim to her icy gaze or her numerous other methods of wielding death, there’’s no great loss. Beware slimy deal makers. It will do you a great disservice if Nami “remembers” you after midnight!


Nami is the Yuki Onna, yet unlike her sister she plays a dual role in her current incarnation. In other seasons she is the fresh water goddess. Her skin darkens, taking on the complexion of an inhabitant of southern Japan or India, given that her aunt is Indira Kali the Goddess of Time. As the year progresses her complexion corresponds with the seasons: the classic Japanese beauty the color of the Moon with rosy cheeks in the spring, darkening in the heat of the summer, lightening again to a honey color as fall shortens the days. The best way to recognize Nami is by her eyes and mouth, so look above the neck, fellas.


Nami honors her mother, Mikka; an extraordinary human by admired by most of the pantheon. Nami is very fond of her half-human status because it gives her a loving heart which is a rare trait in any deity. Gods, for the most part can only reason, provide and befriend for the sake of order. They can not truly love with all the complexity of a human. For this, Mikka is Nami’s treasure.