Soleil Smile

Creative and troubled, Soleil Smile has too much potential to fall through the cracks. However, in spite of her dogged preserving toward he goals, she was vulnerable to life dream ending phenomenon that stalks all young women: unwanted pregnancy. 

Soleil’s pregnancy is begotten by a different sort of impregnator: not a heat-seeking bachelor, but a manipulative dick much closer to home. In a desperate effort to secure the prospect of a family home, Soleil gave her virginity to her step father who threatened her struggling family with ruin unless he was “serviced” by SOMEONE. The ultimatum was lost on Soleil’s selfish mother, who was obviously never educated about the marriage debt, so Soleil gave her body and broke her psyche. But, Soleil, being Soleil,  is not going to let it keep her from her dream of being an industrial designer. The only problem is HOW?

Little does Soleil know, she’s been watched ever since she turned thirteen by a progression of witches and goddesses in the guise of human mentors. Maloni, Mikka, Sakura and Nami. Now at the precipice of her adult life all three of her mentors are fading out of their human forms and into their psychic and elemental states, Will she be able to determine fantasy from reality? Will the specter of her sordid deed and humble background impede her confidence to accept the golden opportunity that it set before her? We all have our demons, but Soleil’s angels are very, very real. 

They mean well….