Ashanti Ghania is an animation artist who makes comics to keep her sanity.

Ashanti Ghania

In an industry dominated by whiny, omega male and Falstaff archetypes, Ashanti Miller writes characters who aren’t perfect, but have their shite more together than most. We all go through rites of passage, but we don’t have to embark on the journey with no life experience whatsoever. A typical hero may be reluctant to leave home, but a herione, who is an artist, can not wait to leave her mundane home and make the her place int he world!

HipChick Comics


InBetween Days: KlashktaTse

InBetween Days: Giermo

Jasian Genetic

I Escaped Home to Become:

California Institute of the Arts
(1993 – 1997)
Studied animation and learned to produce my own work.

Warner Bros. Animation
(1995 – 1997)
Helped develop Space Jam’s, Lola Bunni. They took the pin up bits and wee bit of grr. I saved the better stuff from the experience and created Klashka.

Animation Sea Change Brigadoon (1998-2008) : a 10 year blur of animation projects and grad school….

Sesame Workshop
(2009 – 2010)
Best company ever to never make any money in. Lesson: a worker only makes a percentage of whatever profit her company does. Vice pays the rent. Education and Altruism does not.