Beware of Faerie Tales

The marriage debt it is a crucial issue for me because it’s unfair to women who are not sexually curious. My dad used to chase my mom around the house and force himself on her and my stepdad used to threaten to move away and take everything he purchased in the house with him. Luckily for the family, my mom paid the essentials like rent and my stepdad only paid for luxuries or we would’ve been homeless. I think there are many wives out there who are swans gliding on placid lakes while kicking like mad beneath the surface to keep their homes funded and peaceful. Behind their Stepford smiles, they are scrubbed sore, disgusted and possibly angry that they fell for the fairytale parents and society tells girls from an impressionable age and sold into marriage. Many of wives crack up in their forties. You would, too if suddenly you realize that you’ve been used like roll of paper towels since puberty. On the last few sheets. close to the tube, past your potential and disposable. Thank goodness for women’s liberation.

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